GCSE Options Help


Before you begin year 10, you need to choose your options. This is a tough decision to make, what to choose to do, as you may want to do two in the same block. Before you choose your options, do the following;

1) Write down all your favourite lessons in one column and the lessons you hate in another

2) Write down what you are good at, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you like doing out of school, what you would like to do when you are older, you can do this by brain storming.

3) From the above, then show your list to your parents and teachers and chat with them, as what you have written holds a key to the options you may want to take.

4) You now should have chatted with your parents and teachers and are clear of what everything is all about. You know have to choose your options. REMEMBER never choose the options your friends think that you should take or choose an option, that a particular friend of yours is taking.