G.N.V.Q. Advice

G.N.V.Q. Advice

GNVQ is an ongoing assessment, they come in Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. GNVQ does not rely on one huge exam at the end of the course, instead your coursework is a vital part and it is spread out over the year or two years. Some GNVQ subjects you will take your exams in the first year, so you have year two to have some fun in.

As GNVQ relies heavily on coursework – which as you know is the written word, it is important that you get everything accurate the first time around, so you don’t have to do it over again and then get an even lower mark than you would have got if you had done it right the first time around

GNVQ also relies heavily on group work. It is best to get into a group of trustworthy people who can not only help you, but also advise you on where you are going wrong. Do not get into a group of people who don’t work, as they will set you back.

During a lecture try and take as many notes as possible, don’t sit near a window or near that goon in the class. After a lecture, write down your notes and then transfer the important key points onto a card. If you don’t understand anything from the lecturer, ask him or her.

Before you start on your piece of the assignment, make sure that you are doing the right bit of it. Remember to brainstorm, again with the subject in the Middle and points coming out of it. E.G. If you were doing media and you had to do an assignemt on the Radio industry, you would “Radio” in the middle and “Commercial”, “private” e.t.c. coming out of it. If, either before or during an assignment you don’t understand something ask the lectuer for help, but remember they won’t be able to do it for you!.


With Exams, write down everything on card and memorise them. If you want to meet your lecturers and go through it with them. With GNVQ exams you may still be allowed extra time, depending on how sever you are with dyslexia, but these exams last only for an hour, so make the most of it!.

Before you start filling out your questions, read through the question booklet for about 10 minutes, don’t worry if no-one else is and familerise yourself with it. Then start the test

GOOD LUCK, from all the team at Dyslexia-Net