DR. Dyslexia

DR. Dyslexia

Dyslexia-Net is very please to welcome Dr. Dyslexia to the team. Dr. Dyslexia is a highly qualified Doctor with over 25 years experience of Dyslexia – related issues behind her. Dr. Dyslexia will try and answer each one of you who email her, but there may be a slight delay in the answering process. In the meantime, here is a selection of problems for Dr. Dyslexia

Name; Barbie
Area; England
I have always had a problem with my spelling and pronouncing words. With my spelling I often swap letters over in simple words (which, where,what etc..) and with long words that I struggle with I either spell them as I hear them or i just ask my friend, and then I get teased- so I don’t ask very often. No one has ever said nothing until this year (I am now in year 11) and my Geography teacher picked up on it- and suggested that I might be slightly dyslexic. I am now worried because i’ve got my GCSE’s soon and u can loose loads of marks for spelling. Am I dyslexic or just an awful speller?, please help!

DR. Dyslexia replies;
You can’t loose that many marks for spelling and punctuation in GCSE. At this momment in time, your School should be trying to get you extra time in your GCSE’s so that you can have extra time for your spelling. It is a possibilty from your letter that you are Dyslexic and you need to be tested to get the extra time required. Please visit the Help and Advice center for a list of centres that can test you.

Name; Jade
Area; Haywards Heath
My problem is that I have difficulty with my reading and spelling. My mum and Dad try to tell me to use a dictionary but a can’t because I’m not confident enough to us it. I mainly ask a friend at school because I am too scared to ask a teacher, also they don’t give me any speacial help, what can I do?

DR. Dyslexia replies;
You need to gain your confidence and make your self use the dictionary. Try and get your Mum and Dad to help you with this. I think as well as asking your friend for help you should try and ask a teacher for help as well. Your teacher shouldn’t ignore you but she should help you. I would strongly reccomend that your parents meet up with your teacher and try and get you some special help.

Name; Rory
Area; East Sussex
I am making lots of good progress with my literacy and am beginning to feel relaxed about it all now. Maths is now my big problem and I have difficulty understanding place value, times tables etc. and when I go shopping I do not know what my change should be. I work very hard at school and at home and wonder if there is a special way that dyslexics have to understand and remember all these things?

Dr. Dyslexia Replies;
There are several good books on the market by Tony Buzan, they offer some very good and practicle advice on how to memorize things, they are avaliable from all good book shops and the name is Tony Buzan

Name; Matt
Area; Nottingham
I am enquiring on what can be done to help a 15 year old with his exam work and also what the school should be doing to help him.

Dr. Dyslexia Replies;
The school should be suppling him with an extra teacher to help him through is exams. How you can help him, is by going through his work with him and correcting any mistakes that he may have made. I would strongly suggest that you make an appointment to see the school

Name; Paula
Area; London
I have a teenage son, he has finished his GCSE’s and attended a design course for one year at college, which he did not properly complete, he would like to go back to college, but is unable to do so now until Sept 2001. In hte meantime he would like to get a job, but his reading and spelling age is at least four years younger than his 17 years, although his comprehension is perfect -how can I help him get a job in the meantime

Dr. Dyslexia Replies;
There are many shops that take on people who have a disibilty, but I think that your son should join an organisation to help him prepare for going back to college. I think to help him, look in your local newspapers for any information that may be benificial.

Name; Tammy
Area; Devon
I am at Exeter university, taking a BSc Ed in secondary biology. I am dyslexic and have a dyslexic son of 7. My PDP project this year is on colour sensitivty and dyslexia, i have studied the work of Helen Irlen and Arnold Wilkins. I would like some advise as to how i can help children in secondary science using the coloured overlays and filters, any advise you can give would be apprieciated.

Dr. Dyslexia Replies; Very soon, we are going to have an interview with Paul Graves on this subject, stay tuned to the site

Name; Julie
Area; Reading
I Have problems spelling and I often get 3&4th letter wrong way round usless at reports takes ages to read books

Dr. Dyslexia Replies;
I don’t think that you are Dyslexic. What you have explained to me is a very common situation and is nothing to worry about

Name; Richard
Area; Cornwall
My partner is 20 and has dyslexia. He has never had any help at school and now feels that he should give up. I would like to help him to read & write as others do, but i dont know where to start or what techniqes may work? I really do want to help him but dont know how! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have or where i can get some help.

Dr. Dyslexia Replies;
You must make sure that your partner doesn’t give up and make him belive in himself. You should help him, by joining him upto a local college where they will be able to help him with his reading, that I think is the best suggestion.

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