Help and Advice Center

Help and Advice Center

Welcome to the Help and Advice Center, the Heart of Dyslexia-Net. This is the part of the site, which we hope will help everyone. The best things about this part of the site, it is precise and to the point. Opening in September 2001, is the English and Maths center, where you can come along and take part in English and Maths workshops. More details coming sooon.


Check yourself here to see if you are dyslexic

Have some fun with our on-line dictionary

This is a fun way to plan as assignment

GCSE Options Help
This will help you plan to choose what you want to do for your GCSE’s

Studying Advice for GCSE’s and A-Levels 2001


DID YOU KNOW that for all national exams such as GCSE’s, A-Levels, GNVQ tests and University exams, you are entitled up to 25% extra time?. For more details contact your School/College/University

If you are being bullied at School by other students in your class and you feel you can’t talk to your teacher or parents, then don’t dispare. Childline is a free and confidential helpline. You can phone them 24hours a day on; 0800 1111. You can visit Bullying on-line at;