Brainstorming is a great way to improve your written work, and by using brainstorming before an assignment, it will increase your results and you will get a good piece of work done. Simply follow these steps and you will be on to a winner.

1) Firstly decide on your chosen topic, remeber brainstorming can work with any of your subjects. For instance, if you chose the Internet, you would write “Internet” in the middle if the piece of paper and draw a circle around it.

Once you have done that, start thinking what goes with the Internet, this is the brainstorming part, this is where you have to think hard about what is connected to the Internet

Once you have possibly thought of everything that is associated with the Internet, you now have to put what you have got above into sentences.

To write your essay on your topic you need to do the following;

This will give a brief description of what the essay is about
This will have all the juicy bits in it, all the facts and figures and everything to get the grade
This is a plesent ending to the assignment, summing up what your topic was about