Name; Joe
Age; 18
Area; Essex
Interests; Computers, RC cars, Mini and Mini racing, Music
Reply to; joerford@hotmail.com

Name; Kayleigh
Age; 12
Area; Norfolk
Interests; Music, Shopping, Kung Fu
Reply to; yomad55@aol.com

Name; Jon
Age; 18
Area; London
Interests; Computers, biking, swimming, tennis
Reply to; jonnyw1@hotmail.com

Name; Nas
Area; London
Age = 18
Interests; Swimming, listening to music, reading and watching TV

Name; Holly
Area; Damerham, Hants
age = 16
Interests; Swimming, rounders, playing the violin, riding, and lierning to music especally dance

Name; Rob
Area; Basingstoke
Age = 18
Interests: Music, travel, outdoor adventure activities, meeting new people

Name; Tim
Area; Darlington
Age = 20
Interests; Computers go-peds minis flims and music

Name; Richard
Area; Southampton
Age = 12
Interests; Computers talking to friends

Name; Jon
Area; London
Age; 16
Interests; Computers and tennis

Name; Simon
Area; Liverpool
Age; 18
Interests; Surfing the net

Name; Dave
Area; Florida, USA
Age; 18
Interests; Shopping in Orlando and Meeting Mickey Mouse

Name; Simone
Area; Greece
Age; 15
Interests; Meeting new people

Name; Barry
Area; Los Angeles
Age; 19
Interests; Chatting with friends

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